Review: The Misadventures of Alexandra T’Kayn by Tabitha Bradley



Title: The Diranda Chronicles #1

The Misadventures of Alexander T’Kayn Treasure Hunter

Author:  Tabitha Bradley

Publisher: Sizzler Editions

Length:  196 pgs

Sub-Genre: Erotica, Sci-Fi/Fantasy



“Intriguing, Funny, Human, Incredibly Erotic!” -Good Reads! First-ever one volume collection of the science fantasy saga of bondage and romance! This unique omnibus collects the two serials that have made Alex T’Kay a legend among sexy sci-fi series.  Originally published as a pair of two part serials, The Star of Illiyn and The Black Rose of Janassi, this interstellar saga of daring capers, hair-breath escapes, randy protagonists, and mild bondage has thrilled readers for most of a decade. Now for the first time in one volume, here are the complete misadventures of the ever-so sexy treasure hunter and thief, at almost half the price of the original serial editions.




“There she is!”

Alexandra T’Kayn stiffened, glancing quickly over her shoulder.  She couldn’t see much in the dim light of her lamp, but she could hear the crunch of boots on gravel behind her.

“Stop her!”  Alex growled under her breath.  She hurried down the corridor, absently patting the belt-pouch where she’d stashed the artifact.

“Dammit, it’s gone!  She got it…  Where the hell did she go?”

Alex smirked as she scrambled through the rubble-filled tunnel.  They were close behind her but she was relatively certain they weren’t as familiar with underground caverns as she was.

She wondered who could have tipped off the authorities, since the only people who knew she was coming here was Desmond and the client.



This was an interesting introduction to a fascinating character.  The books begins with Alex starting out her own Treasure finding business.  It was her first job and she is trying to make a legitimate name for herself.  Alex has a knack for finding things.  We follow her through a series of near misses on an exciting adventure to retrieve this special prize in the first book.  She is overpowered by a competitor during the mission, and the star is taken from her.  Her partner manages to steal it back only o find out they were tricked to begin with.

The second part goes into details about another mission to find a princess, who really doesn’t want to be rescued.  She is having the time and pleasure of her life!!  You bump into many of the same characters as in book one and you get a broader view of what is going on.  It was interesting ans exciting and chalked full of hot sex!!  Alex always finds herself surrounded by hot men and they all are drawn to her!!  This is a great Sci-Fi adventure for those who love this branch off of the genre,




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