Review: Dadspirations: The First 100 Days of Fatherhood by Pete Densmore



DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood is an essential book for the new dad or dad-to-be. Using his personal experience as a father of two children under the age of two, Pete Densmore has compiled the ultimate set of inspirations for the expecting and new father. This fast-reading, humorous book includes an actionable checklist of essential ideas to help inspire dads to become the best father they can be. What you do in the first 100 days of being a father will give you a measure of how effective you’re likely to be going forward. The author provides a strategy for the first 100 days that will keep you from falling into the Super Dud trap and will show you how to be the Super Dad you aspire to be.

My Review:

This book was contagiously funny, filled with excellent tips, advice, and chalked with comedy.  I am a mom and I agree that there are too few books out there with advice for dads.  This one is clever and entertaining, and I found it informative.  I had my boyfriend read it (and he hates books) and it was filled with things he had never thought of and advice he agrees with. The great thing about this book is that it has advice and situations for the whole family.  It can help you re-discover yourself as a mom and gives dad some great bonding pointers.  It is a perfect gift for the new dad in your life!!

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Daddy Letter For My Daughter

On the day Marie was born, I was a mess. We had a false labor the previous day, I had to give a client presenta-tion at work that morning, and our babysitter for Henry bailed on us, causing a last minute scramble. When Marie is old enough, I will share with her the excite-ment, the anxiety and the fear that was bottled up inside me the day she was born. Every dad is a complete wreck that day, whether he admits or not. After all, you are in a dimly lit, cold hospital room, surrounded by strang-ers, while your wife is in pain for hours on end, you feel helpless to make her feel better, and all while the best experience in the world is going to happen at any moment.

Looking back on that day, I want my daughter to know that her dad was swearing like a sailor as he fought un-precedented traffic at 9:00 p.m. on the way to the hospital; that her dad nearly missed her birth because he was in the parking lot transferring her brother’s car seat to grandpa’s car; and that her dad stole a piece of pizza from the hospital floor’s community refrigerator. (Give me a break; I hadn’t eaten in twelve hours.) And, above 14 PETE DENSMORE all, there are three things I want her to know that I was thinking when I first held her in my arms: boy that pizza was good; how do I make sure she ends up with a good guy like Daddy; and how do I make sure she knows that being smart is cool. These are the types of thoughts, feelings and ideas I will share with my little girl so that she can understand her OCD father a little bit better.

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About The Author:

Humorist and author of DADspirations: The 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood, father of two Pete Densmore doesn’t consider himself an expert in parenthood by any means. He makes the same number of mistakes as every other parent and doesn’t have any fancy combination of letters after his name. Densmore believes that anyone can be an inspired dad

as long as he wants to put the time, effort and heart into becoming one.

GoodReads Reviews (3 out of 3 reviews)

1        Josee Phillip, December 10, 2012: Thank you for Goodreads and to the author for providing me a free copy of this wonderful book. I read this book along with one of my good male friends who is expecting a baby girl. This book is fun and realistic and makes a future dad “as ready as can be” to take upon this terrific challenge. I ended up giving him the copy of he book; he can always learn something new.

2        Jennifer Dilks, December 13, 2012: Hilarious! This book should be required reading for all new dads. And those who aren’t “new”…there’s always room for improvement, right? A comical outlook on the first 100 days of fatherhood, with enough sentimental touch that moms will enjoy reading also. A light-hearted, quick read that would be a perfect gift for the father-to-be. I’m so thankful to have received this book as a Goodreads first-reads giveaway…but I’m passing it along to a friend (a new dad!).

3        Lacey Gordon, December 16, 2012: I won this book through the GOODREADS GIVEAWAYS and it was a win that I am glad I won. I did read this book but I mostly won it for my husband. I want to give it to him when we start our family. I know he’ll enjoy it as much as me. Great book!


Amazon Reviews (3 out of 10 reviews, 5.0 Star Cumulative Rating)  

1        Best Book for Dads!!! November 5, 2012: An excellent an awesome book!!! Written by a DAD. Great advice, easy to read, funny and smart, I totally recommend this book to first time Dads. It would help you and entertain you a lot while the first months of your baby. 5 STARS!! 

2        Makes the perfect gift for your buddy who’s about to be a dad!  October 15, 2012: This book couldn’t be more perfect for that buddy of yours who’s about to be a dad. Filled with awesome ideas and great tips to make those first couple of months easier on you and mom. 

First hand Creativity and Confidence October 14, 2012: Lets be honest, as exciting and miraculous the birth of a child can be for a father, it is an experience that can challenge ones confidence. That is where the book Dadspirations steps in. This first hand account of fatherhood will help calm your nerves, keep you laughing, spark your creativity and give you the confidence you are looking for. It gives you ideas on how to keep daddy, mommy, and baby supported and happy. What a great gift for all the soon-to-be dads in your life or a new perspective for those who already have children.

Pete Densmore

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