Wicked and Wild Scavenger Hunt starts Oct 1

Scavenger Hunt
Awesomesauce Book Club, Guilty Indulgence 1
Reading Between the Lines, Beauty In Ruins2
Riverina Romantics3
Book Swagger 4
Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance5
Book Devotee Reviews6
BookSpark 7
Love is a Many Flavored Thing 8
House Millar, Read 2 Review9
Literal Addiction 10
S.J. Maylee 11
Fictional Candy12
Sweet Southern Home 13
Laurie’s Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews 14
Salacious Reads 15
For the Love of Reading Reviews , Novelly Nice16
Pink Skulls Book Reviews 17
Full Moon Bites18
The Bunny’s Review19
Romance Book Club . Com20
The Jeep Diva21
Nette’s Bookshelf Reviews 22
Beagle Book Space, Pippa Jay…23
All She Wants and More24
Ex Libris25
Close Encounters with the Night Kind
Herding Cats and Burning Soup 27
Reader’s Confession, Naughty Editions30
Speculative Friction 31


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