Review: A Knight of Passion by Tarah Scott

Lady Riana Ellis will risk the fires of Hell for those she loves. Can she let a man do the same for her?

As whore for the Duchess of Arundel, Lady Riana Ellis keeps her sister safe from the duke’s lascivious desires. But the duchess now demands that Riana murder the man already sent to her bed.

But the wrong knight arrives.

Time is running out. Riana has set into motion the downfall of the duke and duchess. If she and her sister don’t escape, they’ll be crushed when Arundel falls. To ensure her sister’s freedom, Riana must give the performance of her life and fool the man in her bed…and the woman watching them.

Sir Bryant Cullen determines to have the duchess’ whore. Her land is a prize, but it’s her secrets he wants. Once he knows what she knows, he will control one of the most powerful houses in Scotland. And she will be his.

But Riana waits for no man to save her, trusts no man-no matter how much he sets her body on fire. When Sir Bryant puts his life on the line for her, how will she stop his sacrifice?

Be warned Fair reader this is not your average tale of Chivalry and Maidens. This book is an erotic tale with naughty words and even naughtier love scenes. I’m sure the Church never condoned this for the marriage bed! It’s a pretty quick read, but has moments of raw emotion. I would have liked to have delved more into that side of the story. Our Heroine is no fainting lily but strong woman who can take care of herself and isn’t afraid to do so. There were certain parts that I raised an eyebrow to. Namely, I’m not into my Heroine having sex with other men once she found her prince and they fell in love rather quick, but this is a quick story and one can’t doddle on these matters. Over all a really HOT HOT HOT Medieval romance and not for the faint of heart. If your a traditionalist, this is not for you but if your looking for a medieval romp that’s not afraid of taboo sex, your in for a real treat.

Flow of book – 4
Believable romance – 3
Overall Plot – 4


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