Review: Plague Town (Ashley Parker #1) by Dana Fredsti

Ashley was just trying to get through a tough day when the world turned upside down.

A terrifying virus appears, quickly becoming a pandemic that leaves its victims, not dead, but far worse. Attacked by zombies, Ashley discovers that she is a ‘Wild-Card’ — immune to the virus — and she is recruited to fight back and try to control the outbreak.

It’s Buffy meets the Walking Dead in a rapid-fire zombie adventure!

Super fun read

I love a book that has a butt kicking heroine who isn’t afraid to use her weapons! The characters are very realistic and portrayed just as someone aught to act during a munch feast of Zombie hordes. D. Fredsti put a unique spin on her story that I hadn’t seen before, there nothing like a government cover up to get me nodding and “Uh huh, I bet they’d do that.” Most important of all the for the blood thirsty zombie fan, there’s a whole lot of zombie killing and not a lot of running away. No, what D. Fredsti gives you is a group of slayers and their the best of their kind. Do I have any complaints you ask? Um, why do I have to wait to read the next two?

Flow of book – 5
Cool Factor – 5
Zombie Kills – 5
Zombie butt kicking Heroine – 5
Overall Plot – 5
Cover – 4

I bought this book myself


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