Review: Dire Needs by Stephanie Tyler

The full moon is their mistress. They are predators of pleasure and pain. Feared by humans, envied by werewolves, the Dire Wolves are immortal shifters, obeying no laws but their own bestial natures. Once they were many, but now only six remain, a dangerous wolfpack forever on the hunt…

Rifter leads the pack, embracing the lifestyle and ethics of an outlaw biker even as he battles an ancient enemy who has become a new, powerful force. But with his Brother Wolf raging inside him, howling to be unleashed, he needs to satisfy his hungers. And when he meets a drop-dead gorgeous blonde drinking alone in a bar that caters to both human and inhuman, Rifter’s primal instinct is to claim her.

Gwen has her own desires, long unfulfilled. She hopes a passionate night with the leather-clad, Harley-riding biker will ease her suffering. The seizures that have wracked her body her entire life are incurable—and they’re killing her.

But none of that will matter if Rifter can’t stop the growing threat to them all–trappers who are determined to enslave humankind and use the Dire wolves as part of their nefarious plan.

I liked this book. It had great potential, it could have been great! Here was my problem. Information overload!!! Dire Needs was raining men, Dire wolves were falling form the skies and Were’s were chomping at the bit. Well, maybe they weren’t raining but it was so much to take in. I wondered at times, “Did I miss the first book?” So much back ground and so many Characters. Sometimes it was hard to tell who this story really wanted to be about. There was action and a lot of it, no problem there. I liked the Dire’s, they were hot and sexy and obliviously finger liking good. I want to read the next one’s, I just hope there isn’t so much info blowing up my mind.


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