Review: Lord of the Black Isle by Elaine Coffman


David Murry, Earl of Kinloss, never wanted to be the laird. But the title is thrust upon him, and now the well-being of his clan weighs heavily on his shoulders. He has never felt so alone, until a beautiful healer from another time is brought to the Black Isle…


When Dr. Elisabeth Douglas is thrown back into time to sixteenth-century Scotland, she decides to use her modern medical knowledge to save lives. In a time when a healer may be accused of witchcraft, she must keep her secret closely guarded, especially from David, whose uncanny curiosity could destroy them both.

This honestly was an average tale for me. Chapter 1 Elisabeth is happy and in love, about to be married and BAM Chapter 2 she’s sobbing her way through a tissue box because the King orders her fiance, on her wedding day to marry someone else. I had a hard time believing that all and sundry believed she was from the future. Personally I think she’s lucky that she didn’t get burned at the stake. The appendix surgery is the real kicker for me. REALLY? The writing wasn’t all that bad, considering the hiccup of the first few chapters. It was just ok for me.


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