Review: Warlord by Tasha Temple

Sara’s life is boring and predictable. It’s also about to change. A startling use of cruel, inhuman power places Sara in extreme peril giving her only one chance to escape. Now she must overcome her deepest fears and resist her most powerful desires just to stay alive. In the struggle to conquer herself, Sara encounters a god of a man from a distant land who brings her to the heights of pleasure, beyond what she ever imagined possible. The fiery passion between Sara and the warlord, Arystan, is the material of legends. As their souls collide and lock in a tangle of lust and desire, will Sara resist her deepest yearnings and give up what she cherishes most so they can remain together forever? Can she break through Arystan’s battle-hardened defenses and reach his heart while helping him defeat the cruel enemy of his past on the battlefield? This steamy novel of love, warfare and passion will leave you on the edge of your seat with suspense.

Naughty Treat

For Erotic Readers out there this one will be a tasty, naughty treat. The main character is a throw back to the era of Alpha male takes what he wants, when he wants, beats on chest. Arystan is the all alpha male, who in the not so distant past is a Douch bag, luckily for us we don’t see the Douch bag run rampant on anyone and he does manage to grow. Sara on the other hand is strong but a wimp when it comes to her family and her jerk Fiance.

Temple’s world building is pretty good, though at times I did wonder if we were in another world rather then the past. I think that I would have liked another world and I could have done with out the weird time people, spirits or whatever they were. I wanted more of Arystan and Sara getting to know each other. I had no problems with the flow of this book and it entertained from front to back. The hanky panky scenes were pretty hot, though not as nasty as some Erotic tend to get. That’s ok with me. Sex scenes shouldn’t be thrown on top of each other just to fill the pages.

My only real complaint would be the ending. I just don’t see that working out so well for Arystan. Just saying, but overall a good book.

I bought this book myself.


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