Review: Danger that is Damion by Lisa Renee Jones


The diabolical General Powell created Kayla Martin, a beautiful super-soldier, to help him destroy his valiant enemies. But when Kayla is pitted against the renegade Damion Browne, she discovers that not only is her life in danger, but her heart as well. Enemies soon swarm around Kayla and she must trust the dangerous Damion to embrace her as his ally. As they struggle to defeat a madman, their trust in each other becomes the only chance they have to find peace…and love.

My Thoughts

I have never read anything by Lisa Renee Jones, so this was my first.  I have to say that I can’t wait to read the first two in the Zodius series.

The first chapter is an attention grabber.  For some reason my mind drifted to the old school spy movies or just plain old 007 girls.  Kayla is in a skimpy white bathing suit showing off all her assets and has the super solider Damion distracted from his duties for the first time.  I’m rubbing my hands together at this point; I’ve got 007 and Jason Bourne running around in my book.  Muhahahaha!  Anyone that knows me knows that I love me some Jason Bourne.  Throw in some love and a kick butt chick and you’ve got a perfect mix for sprawling on my couch.

The formula goes as follows in the book; boy meets girl, girl really wants to kill boy, boy gets the hotties for girl, boy tosses hottie over shoulder and contemplates swatting said behind, girl is really pissed off, boy just wants to swat butt, boy does heavy petting in the guise of “searching” for weapons, girl is determined to show she is not turned on.  I could go on forever but you get the picture.  LRJ does a better description of these two eyeballing each other in irritation or lust.  The Hanky Panky is more than yummy, so no disappointments there.

LRJ had a great new twist that I haven’t seen yet with the GTECH and wind walking.  That was just, well cool.  This story and the concept of it could have been boring and mediocre, but LRJ took it to a notch above cool.

The only thing I can complain about is the villains were plain old villains.  They were rather one dimensional.  I thoroughly enjoyed Damion’s story.  Neither one over powered the other, the characters were well flushed out.  Can’t forget the flow, which was great by the way.

I got this book from NetGalley


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