Review: A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear

A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing (Heart of the Wolf #9)
by Terry Spear
With the ultimate alpha male hero–werewolf Finn Emerson, Navy SEAL–bestselling author Spear (“Heart of the Wolf”) ratchets up the heat in the new installment in her hugely popular paranormal romance series.

My Thoughts

Super Sexy

When I first started reading this I was confused about what was going on. Even though it is a standalone book, I feel that reading the previous books would have cleared up some of the back story. For one thing, the DNA issue. I’m sure that TS explained this in another book but in this one there was nothing, not a peep. Being a military girl myself, I find it hard to believe that no one in the Navy noticed their DNA was different. I could see it before the 90’s but not after. I really wanted to know how she explains this.

Meara was my second problem. She didn’t seem much of an Alpha female to me. Apparently, she has been around for a few years but in grown up years she seemed 18 at best. Then there is the usual, everyman in sniffing distance wants her, even though I wasn’t exactly sure why. Mid book I started to like Meara better, there was a shift in her behavior that appealed to me and by the end I really liked her.

Now, I’m not hating on this book in the least. TS writes very well and the story flows along at a good pace and the couple do hang out and talk. Now there is a concept. Yep people, they got to know each other. As much as you can with a nut hot on your trail. I really enjoyed the scenes on the beach and cuddling in the bed. It was too adorable that Meara read romance novels. Of course they were the Highland Werewolf kind. Finn was a protective guy, albeit a little over the top Alpha at times but it was charming at moments.
The hanky panky, let me tell you that my kindle smoldered and at one point ignited. I fanned my cheeks and blushed till there was no tomorrow. It was good 

As secondary characters go Rourke is so adorable. He’s a new wolf that’s needs looking after, well maybe. When he is wolf fighting with a certain someone, what he’s thinking while fighting is so funny. I love humor in a book, I love to laugh and Rourke is a good comic relief.
This is a fun read; the men are hot and all alpha, plenty of action in and out of the bed and well worth the read.


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